About Us



Saint Mother Teresa Catholic Mission, located in Toronto, serves the Albanian community of the Greater Toronto Area. The purpose of the Mission is to unite the Albanians who immigrated here so they do not forget their language, origin and faith. The Mission has been officially approved by the Archbishop of Toronto on the 1st of July 2012, but efforts to achieve this status have a history of almost 10 years. Priests, Siro Lunardon (Italian priest residing in Toronto), Nue Gjergji (parish priest of the Albanian church in Detroit) and Marjan Ukaj (priest of the Diocese of Kosovo) have tried over the years, to follow and support the Albanians of Toronto, so they can achieve their goal: the establishment of the Blesses Mother Theresa Catholic Mission. Today, the mission welcomes every Albanian who wishes to preserve the values ​​and national traditions and to grow up in the Catholic religion, preached in the Illyrian territories by St. Paul himself.